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Aliza Naturals 3 in 1 Cleansing Paper Review

Hello my lovelies,
I hope this post finds you well. As you know I am very in to my skincare and I am always trying new products to share with you all. A while back I was contacted by Aliza Naturals, a brand that I have to be honest and say I had never heard of. They told me all about a new product they had launched and wanted to know if I would be interested in trying it out and sharing my thoughts on it. After checking out their website and seeing that they were an all natural brand I was very intrigued. So after a little back and forward and me advising them that I am always 100% honest in my videos/blog posts and that as long as they were confident in their product we could of course work together.

After a few days my package arrived and I was excited to see what this innovative product looked like. I had never seen a product like this and was very intrigued by the idea of a cleansing paper. I considered all of those people going on holidays or short trips and taking only hand luggage how great would this product be for taking instead of liquids for cleaning your face.

On their website they claim the following:

Gentle: Tried and tested natural ingredients like Royal Jelly and Aloe Vera care for even the most sensitive skin while ensuring a luxurious deep clean.

Effective: Witch Hazel and Citrus Acid work together to deep clean the skin, leaving it refreshed, revitalised and thoroughly rejuvenated.

Hydrating: Alow Barbadensis Leaf Extract and Arnica Montana Flower Extract moisturise and soothe the skin keeping it looking youthful and in tip top condition.

Condition: 50 individual soft sheets in a handy compact case to carry with you wherever you go.

It claims to do a lot and has many ingredients that bring high expectations, especially as it is a higher end product. The full price is $55, however they do have a sale on and are currently promoting at the price of $24.95, which is still quite high for a facial cleanser, although for a really fantastic product it would be justifiable.

On first look the packaging is very sleek and has the presence of a high end product. It comes in a box that has all the ingredients and directions on it, which is good to have. The actual compact is very sturdy and well put together, however I did struggle with opening it. I liked the fact it had a second lid over the papers to ensure they stayed dry when not in use. I appreciated that they also included a compact mirror, meaning you didn't have to also carry a compact mirror.

It immediately hit me that the cleansing papers smelled of soap, it may not have the texture of a bar of soap but I do believe that the product is made from shaving thin slices off a roll of facial soap. I have watched quite a few videos on youtube reviewing this product and found they mostly complained that it didn't lather up. So I was shocked when I wet the product and lathered it in my hands because there was more than enough lather to thoroughly clean my face. I thought back to those videos and realised they were misleading, they were rubbing the product between their thumb and palm which of course isn't going to give enough of a rub to make anything foam. I was able to break down my makeup with ease including my waterproof mascara.

It claims to be thoroughly moisturising, however, my skin was left with that squeaky clean feeling that comes with using a facial soap. This was the downside for me. I do have dry skin so it could be that it isn't great for dry skin and would be better moisturising to a different skin type.

On reflection I don't think I would purchase this item as it is $24.95 for a facial soap and as much as I really liked how much it cleansed my skin and how handy it is for carrying around I don't know that I would stretch to that. I could see it being something that people with more expendable cash being all over.

I hope that as this brand continues to develop their product they will find a way to make it more moisturising and perhaps make it a little more affordable.

Well that is my thoughts for today, have you tried this product? What did you think?

Thank you for reading, I look forward to chatting to you all soon.


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  1. Hey, there! I have never seen a product like this. Although I use removing makeup towelettes and I am very happy with them! Your review definitely intrigued me and I will most definitely check out this product because it might be the perfect solution for my skin! Thank you for sharing all this! ��

    1. Thank you for your comment, much appreciated. xx

  2. Replies
    1. It is very intriguing definitely has great potential

  3. I haven’t heard of this brand, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for your comment, I hadnt heard of it either. xx


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