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My Top 3 Nude Palettes under £10

Hey my lovelies,

I hope you are all well and having a fabulous week.

As a Beautician and Makeup lover people often ask me what palettes I would recommend for people on a budget, the most asked is for nude palettes. Lets face it with the sea of palettes out there it can be quite a daunting task choosing the right one.

I have gone through my collection and chosen my top palettes. Unsurprisingly they can look similar at first look, and it can be hard to decide which ones to spend your money on.

First up we have I heart Makeup Naked Chocolate £7.99

This palette looks like a big bar of delicious white chocolate. Having already owned one of the Chocolate bars in this collection I was a bit dubious to purchase another one as I thought it would be quite samey, well of course they come from the same theme... chocolate... so they are going to be reminiscent of eachother. However this one is totally a nude lovers dream. It has a mix of mattes and shimmers, granted there are only 5 mattes, but I quite like their shimmery colours and think it fits the theme of the palette quite well. This palette has enough light and dark shades to take you from day to night without having to redo your makeup. The colours as you can see for yourself are very pigmented. They are just so creamy and smooth. They last all day with very little fading.  It is definitely my top choice for a bargain palette, in fact I choose this over my Urban Decay Palettes most days!!

Next up we have I Heart Makeup Death by Chocolate £7.99

Another in Revolutions I heart Make up range this palette comes with a more versatile range, including a black to give a really smokey look and a shimmery purple to add something a little different to your look. I love that you can get a natural look with this palette as well as a dramatic look. Again there are only 6 mattes to 10 shimmers, but I think this ratio is ok as the theme of the palette really asks for a more shimmery result for the most part. I like that you get a matte and shimmery highlight for your brow bone.

Finally in our top 3 we have Sleek, I-Divine A New Day £8.99

This gorgeous palette from sleek has a different feel to it. At £8.99 it is the most expensive of my choices. The shimmers are definitely more pigmented than the mattes of the palette, but I feel like with the right base and layering the mattes they can still pack a punch. It has a good range of dark and light colours and the shade range can look great with most eye and skin colours. I like that it is light yet still comes with its own good sized mirror.

Honourable mentions:

MUA Heaven and Earth £4

At £4 this is the cheapest in the range. This palette isn't the most pigmented, however with layering the shadows they come out gorgeous. Also to pack a bit more pigment in you can spray your brush with a setting spray or even just dampen it and make sure you use a good base. This palette has a lovely range of gold and bronze tones and will suit most skin tones and eye colours. There are no mattes which some people may not be happy with but I feel for the price point it is a good palette and worth giving a shot.

Revolution Salvation Palette Girls on Film £4

When I first tried this palette I was dissapointed in the pigmentation, but on trying the shadows out with a primer underneath you can see for yourself that they are actually rather good, for the £4 price point for the Salvation range on Revolution London they are worth trying out. I like how they separate the mattes from the shimmers so you can clearly see what is available. The mattes are more pigmented than most of the cheaper palettes out there.

In reflection:

Looking over my thoughts and the swatches of these palettes I definitely think Revolution London still comes out on top and has the best quality for a more bargain brand. It definitely rivals the higher end brands and is still a huge love in the beauty community. It is a brand that is used by everyone from teenagers just experimenting to the more mature makeup lovers like myself. It is hard to choose makeup when you go in to a store and see so many different brands claiming to be amazing and offering to last for 633 days it gets overwhelming.

What are your favourite Nude palettes under £10? I am always interested in hearing other peoples thoughts on what they think is worth trying out.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

Chat to you soon,


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