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Is Arnica Cream really that good?

Hello my lovelies, 

I hope you are all doing well, I am currently melting in the summer heat wave we are having in Northern Ireland. 

I wanted to chat with you all about Arnica Cream. I know I know we have all heard about it by now. I have been using it for bruises for quite a few years now and love it, but its only recently that I have seen just how awesome it actually is.. more on that to come. 

First let's talk about it, what is Arnica?
The Arnica Plant is part of the daisy family and comes from the cooler regions of the Northern Hemisphere. It can be found high in the mountains. It has been used for medicinal purposes dating back to the 1500's and back then it is documented that people chewed, drank and compressed it for topical use. I had no idea it was so old. In some places it is called Wolfs bane, I am sure I have heard this term used in sci fi shows like Charmed, I didn't realise it was a real plant!

I had only ever used it for bruising and when I sat down and read through some of the benefits I was shocked.. Here are some of the uses I found. 

  • Arnica’s medicinal properties are also linked to alleviating pain and stiffness in the knees, elbows, wrists, and other joints.
    In recent years, Arnica has been deemed an effective remedy for minor pain due to arthritis. If you suffer from arthritic pain and are seeking new treatments, arnica is a natural alternative to NSAIDs and other over-the-counter drugs.
    Arnica is a go-to first aid remedy for many reasons, including its ability to reduce swelling. Therefore, arnica is often used immediately after injuries, as well as before and after minor surgical procedures.
    Having arnica gel on hand is a great idea if you experience minor pain in your back, neck, and shoulder muscles. Arnica gel is known to relieve muscle pain quickly. Plus, it’s easy to apply right at the sore spot.
    Following cosmetic treatments and dental procedures, arnica is recommended to treat facial bruising, swelling, and general soreness. You can use oral arnica tablets, or apply an arnica topical to the swollen or bruised area to help relieve the pain and heal bruising faster. Just remember: don’t apply topical arnica to areas with broken skin.
Ok now on to my reason for being so in love with this right now! Just over a week ago I had a nasty fall. I came down really hard on to my face. Within seconds my face had swollen. My face was cut as well. Of course, I didn't realise the true extent of my injury at the time, it would appear I fractured my cheekbone. Why not, if you are going to do it, do it properly. I have never done things by half ha ha. I can laugh now... well sort of it still hurts.

So anyway over the next 24 hours I watched as my face became similar to that of our beloved Quasimodo. I even walked similar through the trauma to my foot also, but I digress! I couldn't find my arnica cream initially so was sticking with Sudo cream to help the cut scab over.

Once my husband came home with the arnica cream I started rubbing it on. At first I only rubbed on the areas that were bruised and swollen as it told me not to rub on the scab. I couldn't believe that within hours of rubbing this cream in repeatedly the swelling in my face was going down and the bruising was starting to go yellow! I could actually see out of my right eye easier. Until then I could look up but not straight ahead or down, so this was awesome!!

 The next morning I was still in awe as the swelling was nearly down to normal size except for of course the fractured area. I kept rubbing the cream in throughout the day and eventually decided stuff it I want to try it on the scabbed area too. Within 24 hours the scab had started coming away and underneath was healed. I still have a small scab but even as today goes on it is starting to come away from the face.


Phew so after all of that I just have to say I am so happy with the difference! I will definitely never allow myself to run out of this product. I am going to purchase some of the gel to try on my joints to see if it helps. Honestly if it is good it would be great to get myself away from the medication I take every day just to function!

Why not check out some of these websites for yourself to find out more:

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I hope you have found it useful. Please don't forget to subscribe so that you can keep up to date with future posts.



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