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Fibromyalgia isn't a real illness!!

Hello my lovelies,

I hope this post finds you well. Yes you read this right. I don't believe that Fibromyalgia is a real illness!!

Ok ok, put the pitch forks down!! Before you start a lynch mob, I am not saying that people with it aren't sick. Quite the opposite. I just feel that this mystery illness Fibromyalgia has more to it than just one illness!

  1. For a start it really isn't a diagnosis at all. It is the final straw after a process of elimination. You go through so many tests you will have had more pricks than kerplunk! You will have seen so many different doctors that you will feel like you see them more than your family. By the time they see you don't have a, b, c or d they have no clue so they tell you it is Fibromyalgia. They don't know how you got it, why you got it or really how to treat it either.
  2. Every study that is done contradicts the previous study. Some say its to do with nerves, some say its to do with blood. Some doctors claim there is a test to diagnose it. Some doctors even claim that it is all in our head.... I won't even dignify them with a response to that.
  3. Most of the people I know have so many different symptoms that it makes me think they actually are not all suffering the same illness. 
Cast your mind back to when everyone with stomach problems were just told they had IBS. Everyone I talked to with stomach problems were told they had IBS. It was an umbrella term that they gave to people when they didn't have a clue what was actually going on with them. As the years passed and more research and studies were done, they found that many people with IBS actualy had other conditions like Ulcerative Colitis, Coeliac Disease,  I feel like this is the case for Fibromyalgia. I feel like over time, as more and more studies are done, we will learn that so many of us actually have other conditions causing our illnesses. I already know of people who were told for years that they had Fibromyalgia and found out it was Lupus. I feel like we have been lumbered with another umbrella term and that there is something else going on.

I feel like Doctors are just hoping that they can give us medication and tell us that this is what is wrong and we will just believe them. They don't have a clue and so this is easier. I wish we could all fight more and more because I think if we did we would learn that our illness is not what we think it is. 

My hope is that over the next decade they find out what is going on and what is happening to our bodies, how to help us and how to prevent this from happening to others. 

What are you thoughts on this?? Remember I am not saying your illness is not real!! 

Sending gentle hugs,


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  1. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and MCS in 2011 and actually tho k they are both symptoms of my Mast cell diseases and Ehler Danlos that I was diagnosed with in 2017.

    1. You see! This is what concerns me, that so many people with the fibromyalgia 'diagnosis' are actually suffering from other undiagnosed conditions.

  2. I too after much testing was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue syndrome. However the doctor told me that my diagnosis was based on eliminating other diseases. However, after I started using Bio-identical hormones (after suffering with nothing for 2 years of no HRT due to complete hysterectomy), I started feeling better. Also I realize now that my diet of sugar and processed foods was poisoning me a little at a time. I was 40 and felt like 70. I am off sugar and breads and pastas. I drink more water and eat nutrient rich greens and grassfed butter and take collagen. Basically Ketogenic Diet. I feel like I am in my 30s now. I think all along my health issues were nutritional deficiencies. Drs treat and diagnose symptoms, they do not know anything about nutrition. Some nutritionists go by the food pyramid which is incorrect. Sugar is an addictive drug. Sorry if this sounds like a rant. Our western diet is the cause of so many diseases.


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