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Top 10 Summer Must Haves in my Makeup Bag

Hello my lovelies,

How are you all doing? I hope you are enjoying a beautiful summer like I am. Northern Ireland is having the hottest summer for a long time. It has been beautiful. Of course that brings with it the trails of sweat down our face and makeup that just does not last!!

People are always asking me what I use during the summer. I sweat the whole year round so excessively during the summer. Very attractive I know, I am such a catch lol.

I have tried so many different products, I have given a load of different foundations and BB creams a go to try and find something that doesn't just slide down my face within 5 minutes of applying.
Summer Must Have makeup
Summer Must Have makeup
Let's talk about base products first. A lot of the time I don't use a primer during the summer unless I am going out. I have always got my facial SPF on which is moisturising and will help to prepare for putting my powder on.

1. Magic Minerals by Jerome Alexander £9.99 Boots

I have been using Magic Minerals for years now. They sent me it to try out about 5 years ago and I honestly wasn't in love with it originally but over time I kept trying it and found that it was actually quite the genius product. 

I really came to appreciate it last year on holiday. I was in Salou and had a lovely wee red nose and rosey red cheeks from the sun. I never really wear makeup during the day on holiday but in the evening its nice to look a little more put together. The way this product works is fantastic because it helps to colour correct. It just nicely evened out my skin and stopped me looking like Rudolphs cousin.

2. Avon Mineral Foundation £10 on their website
This is a great alternative to the Magic Minerals and gives a fuller coverage and is very buildable. It has spf15 in it however I always make sure that I have spf on under anyway as you dont use enough product to ensure you are protected. This is also a good product to have if you are travelling as its less liquids to take so if you have only hand luggage then this is great product to have.

3. Sleek Eye and Cheek Palette £9.99 Boots
I try and keep the makeup to a minimum so generally i just pop a bit of bronzer on top for a nice glow and lip gloss and off I go. This sleek palette is great because it gives you colours for eyeshadow as well as blush and bronzer. Especially if you are travelling and don't want to weigh your case down with makeup products.

4. Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso £9.99 Beauty Bay
This blush is a great second choice as it is more peachy and has a hint of shimmer, so I have two options to give two different looks to my makeup options. I always find their blushes are nicely pigmented and go on easily and just have such a pretty glow. I wore this one loads on holiday last year.

5. Revolution Beauty : Fortune Favours the Brave £9.99 Boots 
The reason I chose this palette is because it has such a wide range of colours and you can create many different looks with it and you don't have to worry about carrying a tonne of palettes with you. I like to keep my makeup bag on the lighter side and this one is a favourite of mine. I love how pigmented Revolution's shadows are and they last so well on the eyes too. The darker colours I wet my brush and use them as a liner if I want to add a little more definition to the eyes without using a liner.

6. Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara £19 Debenhams
I recommend going for a waterproof mascara, this one by Too Faced is brilliant. It doesn't take a blow torch to remove it but it lasts all day without crumbling off on to my face. I have tried so many different mascaras and that is the worst thing about so many of them is they crumble throughout the day. Most of the summer though I don't actually wear mascara because I get the lashlifting treatment at the salon. It really makes such a difference and means you don't have to worry about getting a waterproof mascara and its one less product in the luggage for travelling. 

7. Blotting papers £4.99 Ebay 
I always have a wee pack of blotting papers with me wherever I go. They come in really handy. For just dabbing the oil on your face or getting rid of that extra glisten we get during those hotter months, who am I kidding, sweat, I sweat buckets! It helps so much with that, I have lots of them in all different bags so that they are always on hand. 

8.Sport FX Eyebrow Pencil  £7,99 on their website
For eyebrow pencils this one from Sport FX is fantastic because it is made to be sweat proof so for warmer climates it is fantastic. It just does not budge! They have some great products, totally worth checking out!

9. Dr Paw Paw Lip Balm £5.55 Feel Unique
I love a good lip balm, and probably have too many in my collection, this one here is my favourite because its not just good for lips its good for moisturising skin and great for soothing skin after sunburn or cuts and grazes too. It is always in my collection including my pro makeup kit.

10. Benefit Dandelion Lipgloss
This is one lipgloss that lives in both my personal and professional makeup kit because the benefit lipglosses are so good, they are really good and handy to add a little tint of colour and glossiness. I even give them to my clients for their events too. This one in particular is my favourite for the summer.

Hope you have enjoyed reading about my top 10 products for the summer. What are your must have products for the summer?

Thank you so much for reading, see you soon.


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