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Birchbox November 2018 Review

Hey my lovelies,

So because I miss doing my youtube unboxing reviews I thought I would start doing my reviews over here. I really need to find myself someone to edit videos for me lol. I can pay in coffee and sarcastic jokes.

In the meantime here we go with the start of my unboxing reviews.

This week I received my Birchbox, and because I have been back with them for 6 months I have been awarded Vip status. They sent a cute card to thank me for my loyalty. With this 'huge' honour I get 15 % off any purchases on their website as well as a free gift. The idea of the free gift excited me until I realised that my free gift was a shiny cheap looking makeup bag. This will not get used but thanks Birchbox anyway.

Moving on to my actual box. It is Nutcracker themed, to team up with the new film out at the minute. However I fail to see what any of the products have to do with the actual theme of Nutcracker. In saying that the box is stunning, I love it, I think it would have actually been gorgeous for the christmas box.

The products in this months box:

Manna Kadar Cosmetics, Diamond Dust Roller Shadow £15 full size
While this is a very pretty shimmery product I don't like roll on shadows, I find them awkward to use, I think I will enjoy it as a highlighter though, it is absolutely gorgeous.

Sand and Sky, Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask £39.90 full size
We received a 13g luxury sample. This will do at least 2 treatments. I do appreciate a clay mask and this one smells gorgeous. I am obsessed with pomegranate right now so this is a very welcome addition to this mask. It is quick drying and very thin which I like in a mask.

Poláar, Polar Night Cream £32 full size
Again this is another luxury sample. I am seeing a lot of brands using Algae in their treatments so I was intrigued by this. I was quickly met with a very strong perfumey scent and I was very aware of it on my skin, it was a very heavy product. This definitely wouldn't be a repurchase of mine, however I will give it a fair go. Reading the details has me intrigued, the light of the blue moon makes it work, So do i need to go out and lie in the garden under the moonlight to get it to work?

Dr Paw Paw Original Clear Balm £3.95 full size
As much as I love this product I am extremely disappointed as the full size of this is only £3.95 so to give us a sample size of this is a bit of a cheap option. Anytime I have received this item it has veen full size, so although I adore this brand and this product I would have liked to see a full size of such a cheap product.

Space Mask: Self Heating Eye Mask £3.99 full size
I am not a fan of self heating products especially around the eye. I like a product to be cold and soothing to take away the puffiness of eye bags. However as always I will give it a go and hopefully will have found a new product to love.

So let us summarize I am not really impressed by this box at all, it definitely was not a wow for me. Even now I can still smell that Poláar moisturiser on my skin. It isn't totally obnoxious but it is very prominent and I don't like that especially not on my face.

I have been saying for months I am going to cancel, though Amanda laughs because every time I say that I never actually do and of course in they roll every month to the salon. So hey I will see you all next month for my Christmas unboxing of Birchbox haha.

What is your favourite subscription box in the UK and what should I be trying next.

Love and blessings to you all,


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